Commercial Filmmaking

Do you need video content for your business?

Clue: the answer is “yes!’

The landscape is changing. Creating high quality, engaging and relevant video content for your business is no longer a nice extra, its an essential component in delivering your message to your customers. A 2020 study found that 90% of consumers say that watching video content played a key role in them buying a product or booking a service. If you have an online presence then you really can’t afford to get left behind whilst your competitors push their marketing strategies into the 21st Century and embrace trends in technology.

The good news is that I can help you out here. How about a short and snappy video to introduce your brand? How about a Highlights reel from an upcoming event? Or a property / venue walkthrough? Or maybe even an Explainer video to showcase your new product?

Whatever you need, there’s a good chance that a well-made video clip can help you to elevate your brand. Pair that with some clever targeting to ensure that the right people are watching and who knows how far you can push your business…

If you’d like to discuss a project with me then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via my Contact page.

Creative Storytelling

So, you’ve got a good idea but you don’t have the technical - or artistic - expertise to pull it off? Let’s work it out together and make something great!

Production Value

iPhone footage is great for when you’re on the go but if you want to elevate your brand above the rest then you need to think about adding a professional sheen to your content.

Build Your Audience

Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve with your business, good quality video content is a great way to build an audience that cares about your brand.

Past Clients Include:

Holland Cooper For Vogue
Holland Cooper Equestrian
Etiquette Events

Would you like to discuss a project?

Feel free to contact me via my Contact page.